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Denture Repairs

We all understand those offer denture repairs for broken dentures must make a profit to grow and continue to offer denture service, but how much is too much for this kind of service. All dentures do not last forever, and should be replaced as directed by a dental professional. Denture repairs may save the immediate expense on getting new dentures, but might be the right time to consider a new denture in the near future.

Denture Repairs
Denture Repair Cost


Denture Repair Cost

Many old dentures can break much easier then new ones that are still under warranty. The daily exposure to the hot wet mouth will help the breakdown the strength of the denture. Usually dentures last for the length of the warranty they are sold with, and some may last much longer than that if they are cared for in a routine manner.

It is important to find out what kinds of materials are used to fix the deture, of the stuff that mends cracks and loose teeth back onto the denture. Denture repair material has to mixed with a catalyst before the denture repair material can be applied to the area that needs to be repaired. When a dental lab purchase the pink material, the pink material is sometimes called self-cure resin. For entertainment purposes, the repair material, pink repair powder, is available in large 4 pound packages and costs on average of around $180.00.

TAlong with the pink powder material is also the need for a catalyst, roughly a 32 ounce bottle costs around $70. Very little amounts of both products are needed to make a mixture to repair an average crack or broken denture.

The amount of pink resin repair powder is about one ounce, and very little catalyst is used to make this into denture repair material. Only a few drops of the catalyst is needed to make the denture repair mixture. So roughly 1/2 ounce would be too much, however, will be used in estimating the cost of denture repair material for an average broken or cracked denture.

To break down the costs of both bulk items, the four pound box of pink powder, and the 32 ounce bottle of catalyst. The calculation goes as follows;
There is 16 ounces of dry material in one pound, four pounds of material is equal to (16 oz x 4 lbs) 64 ounces. With a box that costs $180 for four pounds, the cost for one ounce of pink repair powder is about $3. The cost for 1/2 ounce of denture repair catalyst is $70/(32 ounces x 2) which is about $1 for each half ounce. It can be estimated just the pink denture repair material costs about $4 to mend a cracked denture or broken denture. Denture teeth does cost extra, however are available at roughly $.25 cents each to a few dollars each for superior denture teeth. Also when repairing a denture some tools are needed such as a pear shaped diamond grinding bit for a rotary tool which is about $9, a professional rotary tool that holds the diamon bit, about $150 new. Tools can be used hundreds of times, so the expense to use tools, bits, spatulas, and other tools are at a minumum. For entertainment, lets say the rotary tool and its diamond bit can be used 100 times, which of course can generously be used many more times than that, but the cost would be around $2 per denture repair.

In most cases a dental lab is not primarily just fixing dentures as the rotary tool and bits can be used for many other dental purposes. With this example, the supplies to repair one broken denture is roughly $4, and the primary tool used to fix one denture is about $2 each denture. One might be able to easily determine the cost of all supplies and tools used to repair one denture is well under $8 dollars.

Denture Repairs Labor

There are different skill sets for a dental lab worker, while it may seem repairing dentures is in big demand, perhaps those who make additional more complicate prosthetics such as dental implants, may earn more than those who repair a denture. It does take some practice to understand how the denture crack must be cleaned properly, or the cure time of the denture repair material. The average salary for a high end skilled dental lab technician who can expertly repair a denture very quickly and who also has many other dental expertise is between $30k and $85k. If take the average of those two salaries, one may be able to conclude the average salary is around $60k. Hourly working 40 hours a week, a $60k salary could break down to about $28 an hour. While every expert technician is different, to fix a single cracked denture might take a half hour to complete. For a guesstimate, well just keep the $28 an hour. After we throw in expert labor to fix a broken denture, the cost is about $35 for each repair.

Denture Repair

Broken Dentures Repair

The Cost of a few Minutes from a Dentist

While this is not proven, those folks who get their dentures repaired would like to know if the continued use of their old dentures is dangerous to their health. Dentists are experts in dentures, and have the aptitude to help guide those to getting the proper treatment for their situation. If a denture repair involved a dentist just to spend five minutes to carefully examine a denture, this additional cost to the denture repair would be around,$125 an hour, or an extra $10 added to the denture repair for five minutes of professional examination.

Dentures Cost

Old Broken Dentures May need to be replaced

Dentures last a handful of years. After years of wearing a denture, some areas of the mouth might change, and is perhaps why it may be a fantastic opportunity to discuss denture options with a dentist who can help direct folks to having a healthy mouth. Regular appointments with a dentist can also keep dangerous problems from occuring. Please seek help from a professional dentist if it has been a long time since the last visit with a denture.

Dentures Repair are Temporary Solutions